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Dr Rajendra Sharma (MB BCh BAO LRCP&S (Ire) MFHom

Dr SharmaDR RAJENDRA SHARMA, is a leading Integrated Medical Doctor utilizing conventional, Functional and complementary medicine. His special interest is working with chronic disease and its underlying causes particularly CFS/ME, cancer and other difficult conditions that respond poorly to conventional medicine.

He focuses  on optimizing health through nutritional and non-drug medicine and as, until recently, the Secretary to the British Society for Ecological Medicine is involved in environmental health screening (metal toxicity, food allergy, pollution etc.)

Dr Sharma is considered by many as their family doctor and as a generalist works with all medical conditions. He is  the author of The Family Encyclopedia of Health and has recently published the quintessential ‘all you need to know’ healthy ageing book, “Live Longer Live Younger”. He has particular links with the media and entertainment industry and over many years has not only provided content and support to the BBC, ITV , Channel 4 and others, but also provided and continues to provide care regularly to many globally acclaimed celebrities. Over his experienced career as Medical Director at the Hale Clinic and The Diagnostic Clinic he has forged new care initiatives. These include the impact of genomics and the environment in optimizing  patient protocols, treatment and care plans.


thermalogica health screening

Terri Bainbridge and Lisa Portman set up Thermalogica in 2012, a year after Terri had been diagnosed with breast cancer and been through the conventional therapy route. Terri was keen to find out what could have been done to detect her tumour and early signs of the disease earlier and found Thermal Imaging, an alternative screening method which was safe, painless and radiation free. As Thermal Imaging can detect early signs of disease and dysfunction it works incredibly well with integrated medicine and a more nutritional and holistic approach. Now established in Exeter for the past two years, Thermalogica has steadily grown their client base with people who want to take charge of their own health and ensure that their bodies are functioning optimally.

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