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What is FHS?

Do you have a health condition you cannot resolve?

Functional Health Screening (FHS) provides tests and investigations to help optimise health and direct and support therapeutic programs for all health conditions, particularly those less responsive to conventional medicine.

Integrated Medicine combines non-conventional, natural therapy with conventional medicine to direct an individual to the best treatment of a disease or disorder.

What can Functional Screening and Integrated Medicine help with?

Conventional screening  provides a ‘flash’ view of how we are but is really dependent on dis-ease or illness having taken hold or started.  Functional Health Screening highlights where a risk of a condition exists prior to its setting in.  If disease has set in FHS screens can help diagnose and determine the best way back to health.  Our medical Director, Dr Rajendra Sharma, with over 30 years experience, has researched the best screening programs to help us achieve and maintain Optimum Performance and analyse risks to our individual health.

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