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Natural Supplement Therapy

Nutrient Supplementation

2000BC “Here, eat this root”

1000AD “That root is weak, here drink this potion”

1850AD “That potion is ‘snake oil’. Swallow this pill”

1950AD “That pill is ineffective. Take this drug”

2015AD “That drug’s not working. Here eat this root”

There is strong evidence that we may not be getting all we need from our food however well we think we are eating. We may very well need to take supplements.

‘Fast food’ with its high calories but low nutritional value combined with intensive farming – lead to fewer minerals being returned to the soil than are taken out.

Pesticides and insecticides further upset the natural pro-biotic eco balance in soil by killing not only pests but also necessary soil organisms. There are arguably many conditions associated with low levels or deficiencies in nutrients.

Medication and drugs can cause reduction in levels of certain minerals and vitamins such as;

  • Alcohol (Vitamins A, B1, B2, biotin, choline, niacin, Vitamin B15, folic acid and magnesium),
  • Tobacco (Vitamins C, B1 and folic acid Antacids (B complex and Vitamin A)
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as NSAID, Ibuprofen etc (Folic acid and iron )
  • Oral contraceptive pill (Folic acid, vitamins C, B2, B6, B12 and E, magnesium and zinc)

What Are The Best Supplements

It is very important to understand that not all nutrient supplements are the same. Vitamins and minerals available are inorganic or organic and differ from how nutrients are presented to the body in food.

At this time FHS strongly encourages those interested to book an appointment with one of their associated nutritional therapists or with Dr Sharma, our medical advisor.

There is a growing interest and utilisation of intravenous (IV), nutritional supplementation. Celebrities have brought this to our attention as they have their physicians provide IV Drips on a regular basis through the busy lives. Such treatment should only be considered by doctors with training in this area as there is limited scientific evidence that intravenous therapy is any better than oral supplementation. That said a lack of evidence does not mean a lack of efficacy. It simply means that studies of the use of IV nutrition have not been done. Questions regarding intravenous treatments can be discussed in consultations with FHS’s Dr Sharma.

Testing for Nutritional requirement

FHS is very encouraging of tests and investigations to ensure correct supplementation and adjustment to the diet is accurate.

Please read our page on Nutritional Testing

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