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Dr Rajendra Sharma is our medical advisor and co-founder of FSH.

Dr Sharma’s techniques of diagnosis and treatment are a unique blend emergent from his broad knowledge of diagnostic systems and Complementary therapies. His procedures for screening and his general health advice are a combination of many disciplines in functional screening which he uses in conjunction with accepted orthodox procedure to create an Integrated Medicine approach to individual care.

His practice has been associated for nearly 30 years with over forty different CAM therapies as he insists that medicine is a very individual matter based on the correct diagnostic processes being used and any therapeutic approach needing to be tailor-made for every patient.

His special interest is in working with chronic disease and patients who are finding conventional medicine limited in it’s benefit. Dr Sharma believes that in such situations finding underlying cause is so very important.

Whether a problem stems from environmental toxins, nutritional deficiency, bowel dysfunction or hormonal imbalance, isolating a cause that may be preventing the body repairing (or working at optimum levels) is the key.

Genetic pre-disposition or life style habits and particularly problems from metal toxicity, food allergy, pollution etc must all be considered and dealt with as best as possible.

Dr Sharma is, however, considered by many as their family doctor and enjoys working with all conditions from coughs and colds to more serious cases. He uses, along with his full orthodox training, Eastern diagnostic techniques such as pulse , Hara and tongue examination. He has a strong understanding and belief of the importance of the psycho-spiritual aspects of ill health. His consultations therefore combine in-depth discussion and any necessary examinations as well as physical and psychological advise.

He is a Member of the Faculty of Homeopathy and was a Peer Review Board Member for the London Anti-Ageing conferences held each year.
Dr Sharma has been the Medical Director of The Diagnostic Clinic and TheHaleClinic,London.

Dr Sharma’s new book ‘Live Longer, Live Younger’ discusses every aspect of regaining and maintaining health and his first book, The Family Encyclopaedia of Health, explains complementary and orthodox medical treatments for both common and serious illnesses.

Many celebrities attend Dr Sharma but their names cannot be disclosed as a part of the high level of discretion offered to all of Dr Sharma’s patients. Those who have made special mention of him in books, articles and television programmes include celebrities such as Tina Turner (he was a part of her health care through her tours between 1986 – 2006), Spice Girl Mel C, actors Hayley Mills, Alice Krige, movie director David Leland and super models such as Marie Helvin and Debbie Moore, founder of Pineapple Dance Studio and fashion chain.

Dr Sharma can be heard regularly on radio and seen frequently on television. He had until 2007 a 10 year running bi-monthly health phone-in radio slot with BBC Southern Counties and he is constantly helping journalists with their articles for national newspapers and magazines. He has had his own page in several health magazines .

Dr Sharma’s administration team is available between 9.00am and 6.00pm, Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours please contact NHS Direct or your GP practice for any urgent medical issue.

Prior to the first consultation you will be sent and asked to fill in and return a detailed questionnaire so that Dr Sharma can study your case before meeting with you.

Dr Sharma’s fee structure is as follows:

New Patient first appointment – 1 hour £245
Extended 1st appointment recommended for cancer cases or at your request – 90 minutes £360
 Registered Patient who has not been seen for 2 years (Returning patient ) – 45-minutes £190
Subsequent appointments 30 minutes £130
Telephone, email and Skype Consultations pro rata as per consultation(minimum £65/15 mins)

Dr Sharma Case Study (£235)
Under circumstances where a patient is unable to travel to see Dr Sharma the option to complete the New Patient form is offered. Any other information such as test results, specialist reports etc should be returned with the form. Dr Sharma will study the case and prepare a report and ask you to call/Skype him if he thinks it necessary for a phone consultation. As doctors are not permitted to prescribe for a patient who has not been seen and fully examined, Dr Sharma will prepare a report for discussion with you and a doctor or practitioner of your choice based on his study of your case and his considerations.


Cancellations within 48 hours or non-attendance/call may be charged at the above rates

Email/Letter Queries

E-mail or postal queries may not be dealt with swiftly due to Dr Sharma’s schedule. Anything you consider urgent requires a personal or telephone appointment. Email queries should to be sent to Time will be allotted to Dr Sharma’s diary and a response will be forthcoming by email or you will be requested to book a telephone consultation or an in-person appointment. Please note an email response may take up to five working days and may be charged at the pro rata rate as above.


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