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New Groundbreaking App to Help Gain Control Over Diabetes

Diabetes UK have recently launched a mobile membership service that we think will be a great way to create awareness, especially among the tech-savvy younger generation of today. The service allows subscribers, who pay £3 a month, to log and track blood glucose, insulin, carbohydrates, calories, weight and ketones levels as well as being able […]

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How a little more education and a lot more action will save hundreds of lives

A recent edition of Panorama, ‘NHS: The Perfect Storm’, is getting a lot of attention on social media at the moment with the hashtag #preventionisbetterthancure. As you may already know, Terri and Lisa have always stood behind the mantra that prevention is better than cure, and so this edition of Panorama really struck a chord […]

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Health News and Updates

June 7th 2015 Western Morning News shared Terri and Lisa’s story and how their friendship lead to them launching Thermalogica and later Functional Health Screening. Read the full story here. April 28th 2015 ITV Westcountry covered Functional Health Screening on the 6pm news and online. April 27th 2015 Express and Echo – the launch of […]

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