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Lisa’s Detox – Day’s 5, 6 & 7: It’s the Weekend!

It’s the weekend!

And as much as I have tried, I cannot clear my diary completely in order to give myself the best chance of sticking to my new regime. I had meetings in the morning, which was fine – I made up a couple of juices and took them with me and ordered a hot water (instead of a tea or coffee) at our second meeting. Then we had Thermalogica clients in the afternoon, and I have to keep reminding myself to drink more water – when I am busy I tend to forget – so I set a reminder on my phone which gave me a little nudge in between clients.

I am still feeling hungry, and as I am now incorporating food back into my diet I had some snacks with me – carrots and hummus, apple and almond butter, and some nuts. This helps until it’s time for me to have something more substantial before I go back out to help a dear friend of mine stage manage an event in Exeter Castle. Luckily my lovely husband brought some sushi for me from my favourite place, Itsu, so it’s tuna and salmon sashimi and some salmon nigiri, a quick change of clothes and I am back out the door.

I found it hard tonight, standing outside for 6 hours at the side of the stage right next to a burger van was rather torturous, and everyone was having a great time drinking and dancing and enjoying the great music. First time in a week I have wanted to have a drink, but I kept on with the bottled water and kept myself busy. It was midnight before I got home, and the good thing was that I could drive my husband, father and friends home which was much easier and cheaper than getting a taxi. However, I was still hungry when I got home – so I had a herbal tea and went to bed, hoping that I would wake up feeling a little brighter.

Saturday started off great – I made green juice for everyone – which to my surprise they all loved, here is a photo of what went in it:
Juice - weekend 1

It’s called ‘Detox In The City’ – from Plenish, the fennel and celery in this are extremely detoxifying for your digestive tract, and there is so much veg and fruit it’s a great way to start the day.

List of ingredients:
4 large Cos lettuce leaves
Half a yellow pepper (cored and deseeded)
Handful of Kale
1 tart green apple
1 sweet green apple
Half a head of fennel
4 celery sticks
Large handful of spinach
1 inch piece fresh root ginger (unpeeled)
Half a lemon (rind and pith removed)
Half a cucumber

We then took Harry the dog out for a walk on Exmouth beach and the men had fish and chips on the seafront – I had a piece of fish but took all the batter off and just ate the fish. It’s all about compromise.

We were going to a wedding party that evening, and I drove – another benefit from not drinking, and also if you are questioned about it, it’s a great reason to tell people. All going well until we got to the bar and they didn’t sell any bottled water, only tap water available – did I want that? I opted for an Elderflower presse – yes I know it has sugar in it but believe me the choices were limited and I only had one whilst everyone else wandered around drinking their free Prosecco. It was not as glamorous with a pint glass of water in my hand afterwards! There was a buffet at 9.00pm. A buffet! I was hungry by now – and slightly dreading that there wouldn’t be anything I could eat – there is so much wheat in a buffet; bread, pies, pastry – luckily this buffet had cold salmon, cold meats and cheese – I have to confess I did have a piece of cheese but didn’t pile on the pickles or bread that was so tantalisingly laid out next to it.

I was very pleased with myself when I got home, knowing, rather smugly that I would wake up the next morning without a hangover or feeling bloated – which is how I would have usually felt after a party!

Sunday we had bought tickets to the Powderham Castle Food Festival. This was going to be tough. And yes, I did falter – not too badly however! I managed to avoid the cake, chocolate, hot roast pulled pork and homemade pie stands – I let my brother, Dad and husband get stuck in and tell me what it was like. I found a fresh fish stand and had a couple of fish kebabs; my only downfall – and I will admit it now – was the Mexican street food stall. I LOVE Mexican food, love it. I caved in and had some nachos with pulled chicken, guacamole and sour cream (I left the cheese off). I did find a juicing stall and asked them to make the greenest juice they could, which was delicious, and nice that someone else made it for me. It is hard when you go out to find food that is sugar, wheat and dairy free and if you can’t find anything don’t beat yourself up about it or starve yourself, you will only either eat twice as much later or eat something even more unhealthy. Instead, find something that you like and get it tailored slightly.

I am mindful that I need to get back into doing some proper exercising now, and I have bought two yoga DVD’s from Amazon by Tara Lee, a celebrity endorsed yoga instructor who has had great reviews for her DVD’s. Having done yoga sessions three times a day on the detox retreat back in March I felt that was the best way forward for me. I am not a fan of gyms, so I have decided to get stuck into the yoga again and ensure that I take the dog for at least an hours walk in the morning and again in the evening. My friend has also found a jazzercise class on a Monday night which I am going to sign up for; I will let you know how I get on.

It’s been a week since I started my new health plan and I have to say I am starting to feel the benefits, my waistband is not so tight, I am much more alert and brighter and my skin is starting to glow – what a difference a week makes, and I am getting excited to see what will happen over the next few weeks. It can only be positive, healthy changes, and I am beginning to feel a lot happier in myself.

On to week two…