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Lisa’s Detox Blog – Day’s 3 & 4

Well the juice cleanse has gone well…

I must admit I have felt hungry throughout this – so have been drinking lots of water every time those pangs hit. This does help. And for those of you who don’t really like drinking water or get bored, like me, I make up a jug of water which I keep in the fridge and put lots of lovely herbs and fruit in so it tastes delicious!

Some good combinations I have had are; slices of lemon, orange and lime and I normally add some slices of fresh ginger too – or – cucumber with mint and basil, whatever takes your fancy really.

What I have found over the past three days of juicing (apart from feeling hungry) is that I have had more energy, I have been thinking a little clearer, my skin and my eyes are starting to look clearer and brighter and I have had three very good nights’ sleep, I do wake up feeling not so groggy and I am getting up earlier than normal. I have found that my usual toilet habits have changed, and you may find that too if you go regularly, but keep going with the water which will help. You have to remember that you have been feeding yourself all the fabulous nutrients you need just in liquid form, so there is not much work for your stomach to do!

Here is a picture of one of my citrus juices I made for my breakfast:

Juice - days 3 and 4






This had freshly squeezed grapefruit, lemon, lime and I added some carrots, mint and ginger I had juiced.

I have been using the book Plenish as my bible, and following their recipes religiously, five juices is a lot to do every day – and my hands are feeling a little rough from all the washing up I have been doing, but you have to put the effort in to make it work for you – that’s what I keep telling myself anyway.

For anyone thinking about doing a cleanse, I don’t recommend doing longer than three days to start with It can be difficult, especially if you have not done it before and are giving up your usual habits – you may find that you have a really bad headache – that could be from caffeine withdrawal – but it won’t last and if you stick at it you will find that you will think twice about having that coffee first thing in the morning, or that second or third cup before lunchtime. I have hot water with a slice of lemon every morning before anything else, it’s a great alkaliser and helps to flush out toxins and gives your liver a little bit of a hug!

I am feeling great. I actually don’t feel like having a drink – although I am missing my regular chocolate fix and having something sweet after dinner. I have found that if I do feel a sugar craving coming on, I cut up a bit of apple and have some almond butter with it. Don’t knock it until you try it!

Now that I have done the juice cleanse, what do I do now? I have my Dad coming up to stay for a week, so I will need to make sure that the food I eat is as clean and healthy as possible which he will also enjoy without having to make separate dinners for us, the same goes for my husband.