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Lisa’s Detox Blog – Day 2

I did it! I managed to do the fast day…

I drank a lot of hot water, both with and without lemon and to take my mind off any hunger pangs I kept myself busy, getting ready for the next few days, it’s always a good idea to get organized in advance; look up the juice recipes you want to do and buy all of your ingredients in advance, and if you can, always try and buy organic – you will be drinking all your fruits and veggies raw and I think it does make a difference, bearing in mind that you won’t have to buy anything else for yourself to eat for the next three days.

Think of a cleanse as giving your body an MOT; Terri and I have an analogy when talking to clients that everyone spends money every year on their car to ensure it is running properly so why not invest the same time and money on your body? This is exactly what a cleanse is designed to do. A cleanse is a check-in with your body and mind to assess how you are feeling, how well your body is working and to try and help pinpoint any areas that you may be able to improve on. It helps your liver to have a rest from the daily processing it has to do, and the same goes for your digestive system. We regularly flood our bodies with toxins like medication, alcohol, caffeine, pesticides and hormones from non-organic foods, environmental pollutants and heavy metals – to name a few. Toxins are all around us and our bodies’ detoxification systems get overloaded and – going back to our car analogy – they need a good clear-out and an overhaul.

So I have decided to go all out and do a mainly vegetable based juice cleanse for the next three days – I would have done five but I have things on this coming weekend which would make it difficult for me to do (I would recommend finding a clear week in your diary to start your juice cleanse, it will make it much easier for you to do). And if you are new to juicing, start off with juices that contain both fruit and vegetables, you need them to be palatable – if you start off too heavy on the vegetables you might be put off!

Following the Plenish cleanse I will be having six – yes six! – juices a day and I will stagger them over an 8-10 hour period, making sure I drink lots of water and herbal teas in between.

Here is a photo of the prep for just one of my juices today!


I will be having five juices and then make a cashew milk to have before bed – if you haven’t made a cashew or even an almond milk before I recommended you give it a go.

Right, back to getting some juices made and in the fridge!