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We may be exposed to over 700,000 chemicals a day in our homes.

Our clothes and furniture are impregnated with pesticides (when did any of us last see a mothball?) and fire retardants are added to household fabrics. Even the wood in our house is full of preservative.  Our computers, when on and hot, are releasing volatile oxidative compounds, and when we heat our wonderfully well-insulated houses all of these chemicals vaporise and release into the draft-free, airless atmosphere.

Obvious toxins such as cigarette smoke and less obvious ones such as deodorants and household cleaning compounds, all settle into our sofas and carpets adding to the cocktail of toxins. When we walk around or plump ourselves down into a chair these compounds become airborne. Most are heavy particles so tend to hover couple of feet off the ground, not dissimilar to cigarette smoke in pubs and clubs when we were smoking indoors. Bear this in mind when your toddler starts to crawl.

It is extremely important to aerate your house as much as possible. It is equally important to spend as much time as you can outdoors.

In well insulated homes and offices consider acquiring filtration systems and ecologically based businesses such as the healthy house are very well worth visiting on the web to pick up tips on avoiding toxins.

Test your detoxification capability with a Hepatic Detox Profile to see if your liver detoxification is working well.  If it is overactive it can indicate a toxic state.

Test your genomic capability to detoxifyThis can now be done through a cheek swab or saliva test.  Think about this for children, as in our polluted world it is worth knowing early what nutrients and habits will encourage detoxification processes.

Replenish with healthy fresh vegetables. Many compounds that we eat, such as folic acid, vitamin B12, sulphur molecules, and the amino acid glycine turn on gene activity and upregulate metabolic pathways.   Foods rich in these can be found on the web.

Eat healthy – good dietary habits, exercise and lifestyle choices all reduce the risks we are exposed to in our homes.