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Toxicity and Detoxification

Screening for Toxicity and Detoxification capability

We are exposed to so many toxins that it is not possible to test for the presence of everything but we can investigate our ability to detoxify and look for heavy metals which are frequently considered to be associated with health issues. We can recognise that the body may be sensitised to toxins, thereby creating allergic type responses when we come into contact with poisons, even if we do not carry high levels.

Blood tests are generally recommended only after discussion with one of our nutritionists or our medical director. These can identify toxins stuck to membranes and DNA within cells as well as testing for white blood cell sensitivity and checking that our liver function and bowel bacteria (very important in detoxification) are all functioning normally.

Certain tests can be done at home:

Recommended Home Tests

  1. Hepatic detoxification urinalysis (£175)

The liver has two main processes of detoxification – phase I and phase II. Assessment of chemical exposure and impaired liver function can be made using this first morning urine collection. If you are not detoxifying well toxins can build up regardless of how healthy a life you lead and knowing that this is an issue can direct treatment to enhance Detox capability

  1. Urinary or Stool (Faecal) Toxic Metal analysis (£165)

We are constantly confronted by heavy metals in our water and food supply as well as in the air. A major source of metal contamination, according to many authorities, is from our metal (amalgam) fillings.

The body detoxifies metals usually through the faeces but also through urine. Checking via a stool sample is probably best if you have metal fillings or you are concerned that your food is the most likely source. Those with conditions associated with metal poisoning could consider having urine analysis or both.

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