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Nutritional Testing

Screening for Nutritional status and deficiencies.

There are a range of tests that can be performed on blood samples in addition to the tests mentioned below that we can send to your home. These more extensive blood tests should be considered either after a consultation with one of our nutritional colleagues or our medical director Dr Sharma.

Nutritional deficiencies can arguably be responsible for many health conditions and most age-related problems. We know for example that arteries require antioxidants and essential fatty acids to remain patent and healthy, the neurological system requires amino acids and particular fatty acids, bones need proteins and vitamins to avoid osteoporosis and our detoxification system which we need to remove the toxins that cause illness and age us prematurely, is dependent on a variety of nutrients.

All of these are obtained from our food, which is increasingly becoming deficient, particularly minerals and is also all too frequently contaminated with antibiotics, additives and preservatives. These damage our bowel bacteria which are important not only for digestion of food but also for making a range of the nutrients that we need.

As far back as 1936 the USA Senate saw the growing problem of farming and nutrition. Here is a quote from the 74th Congress, 2nd Session.

“The alarming fact is that foods, fruits, vegetables and grains, now being grown on millions of acres of land, no longer contain enough of certain minerals. No man of today can eat enough fruits and vegetables to supply his system with the minerals he requires for perfect health because his stomach isn’t big enough to hold them”.

Furthermore, declining mineral values in farm and range soils over the last 100 years suggests the problems are now worse. According to the U.S. Senate Document No. 264 and the 1992 Earth Summit Report Depletion Levels in Percentages the following parts of the world have declined by this much.

North America               85%

South America               76%

Europe                            72%

Asia                                  76%

Africa                               74%

Australia                         55%

However well we think we are eating we are probably deficient.

Recommended Tests

  1. Urinary Nutritional Profile (£400)

This test can give a broad overview of common nutritional deficiencies. Broader investigations require blood tests but this gives an indication of whether an individual’s diet is likely to be lacking in the necessary nutrients to enhance optimal health.

  1. Full Nutritional and Metabolic evaluation (£700)

This urine and blood  analysis provides:

As full a nutritional analysis as is available including vitamins, minerals, amino-acids, essential fatty acids.

Antioxidant activity

Certain measurements of Gastrointestinal function including levels of good bowel flora, the presence of yeast and bad bacteria

Ability to detoxify

An indication of toxic exposure including toxic metals

Energy production capability

Neurological hormone imbalance associated with stress and mood issues

Evidence of inflammation

3.      Food Intolerance Testing (Blood test – £250 to £525)

Testing to see if you’re white blood cells are reacting to particular food is a preferred testing process by many functional medicine practitioners throughout the world. The extensive lists of foods tested depending on the number of foods and whether the test also lists herbs, spices and additives/preservatives as well as drugs and medication, often found now in our food chain.

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