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Fitness and Body Structure

Screening for Fitness and Body Structure

Exercise and movement influences every aspect of health. Maintaining good weight to avoid diabetes and arterial/heart health and blood flow are the most obvious benefits we hear about. What is frequently overlooked and underestimated is how exercise has a direct link to improved neurological health, avoidance of dementia, maintenance of bone density so avoiding age related osteoporosis (fractures) and, extremely importantly, exercise boosts the immune system. As the majority of deaths occur prematurely due to heart (artery) disease, cancer and infections, being able to exercise correctly for as long as we can is, arguably, the most important aspect of our lifestyle.

Ensuring good structure and establishing your individual best exercise program protects against injuries and encourages fitness with all the above-mentioned benefits.

Recommended Tests and Investigations

1. There are now investigations from simple saliva or cheek cell swab analysis known as Genomic tests. One such test can analyse genetic alterations in an individual that govern energy expenditure, motivation, muscular capacity, heart and lung capacity, recovery after injury and individuals strength and endurance.

“FHS Fitgen” helps you to choose the physical activity most adapted to your genetic profile so that you can design to have designed programs according to your individual capacities. This reduces the chances of your picking the wrong type of exercise or sport and will lower your risk of injury. £575 (Please click to see an example of a Fitgen report)

2. Thermography

Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging, or DITI, to give its fullest name detects heat radiating from the body.

Ultrasound, radiography( X-rays, CT scanning) and magnetic imaging (MRI) show us the structure of the body but not its function. Thermography measures heat and so can isolate areas in the body that are more active or have higher blood flow – as both these processes emanate heat.

Thermal images therefore highlight areas of inflammation, damage and repair processes, ‘bruising’, infection and disease.

An infrared scanning device is used to convert infrared imaging from the skin surface into electrical impulses that are shown in colour on a monitor. A spectrum of colours (black/blue – cold, to red and white – hot) indicate an increase or decrease in the amount of heat being emitted from the surface of the body.

It is a very well researched investigation with 30 years of research and over 8000 published medical studies and has been shown to be 97% effective as a screening tool at detecting benign vs. malignant breast abnormalities, for example.

[For more information on Thermography and safe screening tests, see here: Thermography]

3. Meet with one of our team’s experts in osteopathy, physiotherapy or chiropractic for assessment, necessary adjustment and realignment and an individualised exercise programme.

4. Easily available is a urine test known as DPD Urinalysis. This compound increases in the urine when bone is being broken down (increased turn over) more quickly than it is able to be built up. There is strong evidence that this sort of testing especially if combined with DXA scanning can predict risk of fracture even in pre-menopausal women. £100

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