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Energy Function

Energy comes in many forms, but the term when used by us when we complain about a lack of it actually refers to a failure of our cells to provide energy molecules such as ATP and NADH. Mitochondria are the of parts of our cells that turn oxygen and nutrients (mainly sugar) via these and other molecules into atomic particles called electrons that trigger activity in cells.

All a bit complex so put simply …. We need nutrients and oxygen to make energy for our cells to function !

In conditions like chronic fatigue syndrome or TATT it might be best to visit with our medical director, but a simple urine test can provide a wealth of information on how your cells are producing energy.

Recommended Home Tests

  1. Urinary Chronic Fatigue Screen (£295)

The Chronic fatigue urinalysis is a nutritional test that assesses/measures compounds in the urine reflecting gastrointestinal function, cellular and mitochondrial energy production, neurotransmitter processing, and nutritional status reflecting certain vitamin/mineral and amino acid ( protein ) levels. The test can reveal malabsorption and imbalanced bowel flora. The test also specifically tests for energy production, inability to use sugar and fats correctly. Measurement of neurotransmitters tells us about psychological factors and the stress you are under, the depth of sleep you might be getting – or not.

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